Beautiful, Customized Baths....

Customized bathroom with glass cased shower, separate tub and new sink station.

Modern bathroom design has taken on a life of its own from small, simple spaces to large, luxurious works of art. Whatever your choice, AAI's wide selection of design choices affords you the utmost flexibility in transforming your bath into a space that is stylish, functional and uniquely yours. 

Lisa Hurley, Owner of Angelo Associates Inc. and Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer, will guide you in planning a customized bath for your home. You want these spaces to be welcoming while reflecting the needs of your lifestyle and personality!

About Our CABINETRY lines



Begun in 1942 and still independently owned and operated by one of the remaining founding families, Wood-Mode employs hundreds of experienced craftspeople, utilizing the finest materials and woodworking skills, enhanced by the most advanced technology available. 

The result is cabinetry, furniture, and architectural detailing of the highest level of quality construction with an impressive range of styles, colors, woods, laminates, mouldings and hardware. 



Mouser Cabinetry has been in operation since 1955 and still leads the cabinet industry with its wide variety of styles, colors, and options. By choosing Mouser, you are able to customize every detail of our cabinetry selections to best fit the feel of your home. 

Additionally, Mouser Cabinetry strives to be environmentally friendly. They are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association as being committed to using environmentally conscious practices.